When He Comes Home

The earth trembles as the rusty metal chains of the old garage door growls and retreats back up into its crusty shell allowing the big man in the jet black suit to force his way into the silent, lightless room holding three glass souls that never fail to stare up at him with their nebulous […]

The Unfinished

Thick long grey strands of winding loops move in and out escaping into the already made hoops as she casts on effortlessly, reminiscing. Knit, knit, purl, purl, knit, knit, purl, purl, knit, knit, purl, knit, knit, knit, pur–she stops. Slip, slip, slip. Her needles quiver, sharp, tense, apologetic; she forgets how to undo the mistaken stitch. […]

Philadelphia’s Sewage-soaked Ring

That Fall evening, her pretty pink dress colors wet with dark gray raindrop stains running down to her Satin Touch tights as she stomps down one of Philadelphia’s puddled streets with heels pointed forward, splashing silver water soaking all ten toes, cold. Movements behind her, an olive-green Buick awkwardly pulls up beside the lonely drunk […]

Really, It’s Not You

I refuse to share this mug with you. It’s not because I’m afraid that our saliva will mix, or that our lip prints might touch. It’s also not because I might get your cooties, even though I know you have them. But it’s your dust that scares me. When you pick this white mug up […]

Slipping Away

I try to dig my face into the scratchy olive turtleneck, but only my chin succeeds. The wind cuts my cheeks over and over again as I wait for your shadow to appear around the corner. I take out the silver-plated lighter from the pocket of my faded blue-green jeans. I flick it on and […]